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Welcome to the world's first smart contract executed Investment Funds.

Empowering people globally to stay a step ahead financially using the power of Blockchain Technology and our self-learning adaptiv+ AI.

What Is ChainBankCoin?

ChainBankCoin was developed by combination of Harvard (USA) and Oxford (UK)universities educated and Swiss based bankers, accountants, python coders, developers and traders who are certified market technicians from major financial institutions (based in London, New York and the Bahamas). First ICO created by some of the best minds around, energetic. vibrant, and with trading experience in some of the best financial institutions around, who are determined to build significant wealth through the Power of the Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain technology.

It was understood that, the financial transactions in the world are going to be revolutionized by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, this was the reason why, we have developed our CryptoBot called Adaptiv+AI and smart financial team to create a blockchain platform to make worldwide financial transactions cheaper, faster and more reliable.

What’s Adaptiv+ AI?
It is self-learning high frequency trading algorithm built to trade a wide range of instruments like crypto currencies, Forex, Commodities (Oil, Silver, Gold, Platinum) and Stock market CFD indices. It is built on the back of powerful harmonic pattern.

Adaptiv+AI creates substantial wealth for the token holders by combining the pinpoint accuracy of Artificial Intelligence trading with the "wisdom of the crowd" using Machine Learning and Data Science.
Independent verification of our Adaptiv+AI performance

About US

Empowering people globally to stay a step ahead financially using the power of Blockchain Technology and our self-learning adaptiv+ AI..


Our vision is to become the most successful decentralised peer-to-peer investing platform, continue to promote adoption of the blockchain technology to change lives globally, in order to achieve this, ChainBank has developed highly intelligent cryptoBot called Adaptiv+AI and simple to use investing platform where investors can see their funds grow faster than in any other platform. Our trading strategies, coded in a bot has generated significant RoI daily. We have developed and tested on live trading accounts the most advanced self learning CryptoBot in the cryptocurrency market to date, we are very proud of this.

With Bitcoin growing at unprecedented rate and ethereum blowing up and reaching to the moon, this is the time for you to join our project at this very bottom so that you can maximize your gains on the way to $95+ per token.

Why ChainBank?

ChainBank is an existing company with strong team of experts crypto, forex, and oil traders, computer programmers mostly python, finance and business managers, already generating income in crypto, forex and oil trading for many years but looking to expand and extend financial freedom to many using our skills and network.


You can refer to ChainBank as the King of diversification, we will never rely on one source of income, we endeavour to be the best in all the business ventures we explore. Our crypto trading and ICO flipping alone have generated in excess of 500% Rol per annum on investment. Oil and crypto trading using our Adaptiv+AI and our team of expert traders have earned us in excess of 400% per month on investment. We want to increase our volume of trade and be in a better position to negotiate even better deal in an ICO and angel investments, with the sole aim of skyrocketing our turnover and profits in the coming years.

Given our ability to generate significant returns, our worst month in profit has been 500% month, we plan to pay investors dividends of 25% of capital invested or share of 65% of profit generated from all activities monthly (whichever is higher), so that we can put some funds in reserve to ensure stability and longevity. Although past performance do not guarantee the future, we set these values so that we can pay dividends comfortably for many years to come.

ChainBank will utilise blockchain technology to deliver investing services to our investors using the smart contract. This means that the core investing system will perform much if its tasks automatically. We adopted the blockchain because smart contract provides transparency to our community. The Blockchain and smart contract give our investors added security and trusted transactions.

Blockchain technology completely solves the problem of cross-border participation in the investing platform and our platform will unite investors from all corners of the globe, significantly reducing transaction costs and maximizing the efficiency of capital movement around the world.

Why we are Unique

Smarter Lending

We are the first and only company in the world to executive loan agreement using the smart contract. We guarantee money in your wallet not in your dashboard because of the smart contract. All our loans are tied to the blockchain to be executed automatically for ...

No deposit requirement

We do not hold investor’s money prior to commencement of token sale, you do not need to put bitcoin in your account waiting to buy our ICO, we have noticed scammers have stolen people's money that way, we want to be transparent and ethical as much as possible and we ...

Strategic token reduction

The first in the world to introduce token burning policy into lending platform, we will gradually burn our token out of circulation, 25% of tokens will be burned by the end year ending 2018, a further 15% in 2019 and 15% in 2020. We strongly believe this strategy will ...

Income diversification

Apart from profiting from the world of highly profitable crypto we will also tap into angel investing, property flipping, Forex, Crude Oil trading and commercial properties letting.


  • Step 1: Open an account and enter your ERC-20 compliant wallet.
  • Step 2: click on buy token and select the number of tokens required.
  • Step 3: Pay the exact amount that showed up.
  • Step 4: tokens would automatically be deposited into your personal ethereum wallet.
  • The quantity is limited for each purchase
  • So you should get ready any time so that you could buy as much as you desire
  • The quantity of each purchase will be announced prior to each sale, so you need to check your email or visit the website so that you could update the latest information.
  • The price of coin after each ICO sale always rises in value over time.
  • The sooner you buy, the better chance you would get.
  • The limit quantity of coin being sold at ICO is 4,000,000.
  • You can sell ICO coin right after ICO ends, you can start selling your ICO coin on some exchange
  • It is absolutely possible to increase your profit 15 times right after ICO.

Coin Distribution during ICO

ChainBank will issue CNB tokens. The CNB tokens would be available for purchase during the Token Sale (ICO) campaign that will take place beginning in May 2018 through to June 2018. Total Supply 5,000,000:of which 80% would be sold during ICO 4,000,000 CNB.

PRE-ICO Start At: May 1, 2018 12:00 PM (GMT)

ICO Start At May 15, 2018 12:00 AM (GMT)

ICO End At: June 15, 2018 12:00 PM (GMT)

ICO -1 May to 15 June Token distribution Price/token
Pre-Sale Discount 1,000,000 0.25 $
ICO Round 1 1,000,000 0.45 $
ICO Round 2 1,000,000 0.65 $
ICO Round 3 500,000 0.85 $
ICO Round 4 500,000 1.05 $

ChainBank Wallet

  • Mobile Responsive

    Our Website is mobile responsive it run on any device..!

  • Window Support

    Our Wallet Supported in Window operting system

  • Linux Support

    Our Wallet Supported in Linux operating system

  • MAC Support

    Our Wallet Supported in MAC operating system

Road Map

  • Feb 2016

    Project Conception



  • July 2016

    Adaptive+ AI



  • September 2016

    Adaptive+ AI

    Testing Phase


  • December 2016

    Adaptive+ AI Production

    (Commenced trading live account)


  • May 2018

    Launch ICO



  • June 2018

    Listed on External Exchanges

    Price target $15.00


  • July 2018

    Release CNB Wallets and staking



  • December 2019

    Continue Business Developments

    Hire new talents


Latest News

18 Jan : Welcome to ChainBank

We are so excited to bring you the world's first Smart Contract executed investing platform. We are so glad to welcome you to ChainBank community, you can sign up for membership on May 01, 2018. All you need to do now is to leave us your ethereum wallet address and your contact email so you can be kept updated as we progress in our roadmap, this project is anti-fraud and will significantly benefit early adopters. We shall be offering very limited amount of tokens for sale during ICO, from total supply of just 5 Million tokens.

20 Mar : Is ChainBank worth your trust?

Empowering people globally to stay a step ahead financially using the power of Blockchain Technology and our self-learning adaptiv+ AI. Our Adaptiv+ AI performance can be independently verified. This is the only project guaranteed by the ethereum blockchain with dividend payment and capital released secured by the blockchain, after the contract is signed successfully no one has the power to manipulate the execution, thereby eliminating completely the risk of fraud. We will diversify our income sources to guarantee going-concern, this project would not rely on new members because we trade, invest and give dividends to token holders automatically using the smart contract.

12 Apr : How to Purchase CNB tokens

The CNB tokens are very limited and they will sell out fast, we have made it very simple to buy this token. All you need to do is log in to your account and select the amount of tokens you will like to acquire and then select the payment method. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash only. Also refer to the FAQ for more information about how to purchase your tokens.

20 Apr Rewarding early adopters

It is only fair that we reward those investors who believed in our project and supported us with their investment, we have decided to offer the token at highly discounted price of just $0.25c during the pre-sale period starting from 1 May. Do not miss this opportunity, the token will be very rear, limited supply and available for purchase on many external exchanges after the ICO.

How our investors make money

  • Exchange

    Open a trading account with one of our exchangers.

  • Buy CNB tokens

    Buy our tokens from exchange.

  • Invest and/or Stake

    Make passive income by lending or staking your coins

  • Trading Profit

    You can buy the dip and sell high, make profit trading our token. External exchanges provide enough liquidity

Exchange Under Negotiation